Watercolor painting commission deposit

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Product Description

Whether you have a former residence, a favorite pet, vacation spot, or loved one in mind to be rendered in watercolor, please bear in mind that commissioned works can be most successful when there is a clear understanding of the desired outcome, timeframe for delivery, and stylistic manner.  These can be difficult concepts to convey.  To promote fairness to the client and the artist, once a discussion has been held to determine the nature and scope of a commissioned painting, and both parties agree, then a contract is executed and non-refundable deposit is paid by the client.  Once the commissioned piece is completed, the client has right of first refusal, i.e., if the piece is to the client’s liking, it is delivered at the fully agreed upon price.  This does not include any working drawings of reference photos taken by the artist, the purchase of which can be negotiated separately.  If, however, the client is not delighted with the outcome, the artist retains full ownership of the finished piece, to dispose of however the artist deems appropriate, i.e. for sale to another party, unless it is the identifiable likeness of an individual, in which case it may become part of the artist’s portfolio or for whatever other purpose she deems appropriate.

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