Six Directions painting and body paint
Six Directions

Six Directions and the Big Bang

Up . . . try to look
Down . . . edge of the world shook
East . . . toward the rising sun
West . . . again the day is done
North  . . . bitter wind from there abounds
South . . . birds returning crystal sounds
Six directions, timeless
Space unfolding endless
One point of white heat exploding  . . .
We became aware that out there,
Back then,
Here and now . . .
One point is all.
Mind of the formless into the form
Stars that died for us
Self-consuming, burning hotter
Until the very blood of us
Iron, burned out their fire
Burned from their core
Elemental to bring our minds to conscious wonder
That which laid the stars asunder
Circular self-referential spiral
Arms of the Milky Way
Dust glows single file
Mind of the multiverse
Single neuron becomes a photon
Burst into billions of butterfly galaxies
Swarm back from the center
Up . . . try to look
Down . . . edge of the multiverse shook
Inside . . . feel the hum at a roar
Outside . . . swing the pendulum more
What other dimension?
What was the past?
What is the future?  
Neena Plant


Your Arousal

Is that what you want?
All the blood and guts and gore of our lives?
Is that what it takes to arouse your cynical desensitized minds?
Anger and anguished, all tethered and tangled?
What kind of humanity exists where all that entices and titillates is
All the pain we can pour on the floor from our guts and our hearts?
Where does it end?  Where did this start?
First person shooter gone mad? Mental patient tossed out for the trash?
And what about being human, is that so out of fashion?
Not that gun-toting mall walking started a fad,
But we’re so desensitized, insensitive
No clever twist of phrase ignites a flash of color on your black and white and grey and red.
What was just read?
Did some suicide survivor blast that bullet through your brain?
Will that post-adoption shouting toss the baby with the bath?
Does it take some howl to reach your inner mind?
Is there some way to rip out those hearing dis-aides and blind-colored contact lenses?
Is there some way for the blood to pound through your heart without seeing it gush
In a cataract frothing pink foam as red spurts til it stops?
Neena Plant


Deeper Fire

With you and me, you know it is a deeper fire that burns,
One that could burn for thousands of years
Much more than one lifetime. 
I know that what there is between you and me is the true bond
that you were made for me and I was made for you. 
I’m here for your desire and you for mine. 

The deeper fire, like the one in a coal mine that can’t be extinguished,
Because even though it only rarely breaks the surface, 
It burns so deep no other human can hope to touch those depths
The fire between us is so hot and so deep and everlasting, 
And I only want to share it with you,
To set the world on fire with it, to raise and burn it! 
I want you to feel me from the inside, and I want to feel what it is like for you to fill me. 
There is no one else, there is no other way. 

You know you don’t want to be anywhere but here with me.
Please don’t keep me waiting! 
I have a hunger for you that I know you share for me! 
It is not just physical, thought the physical is so strong an attraction, 
It has almost the gravity of a black hole, 
No escape is possible, nor desirable, 
Like a moth to flame, irresistible, 
Burning so brightly and so hot! 
It is dangerous but for a moment, 
Then desire overtakes the danger and makes it inevitable to relent, 
The waves of pleasure and passion wash over us as we join as one,
Feeling so close, so warm, so hot, so much passion! 

This is a hunger that must be answered, 
A starving flower in the desert, 
Waiting only for that summer storm, 
For the flood, for the quenching of thirst, 
For the sating of hunger, 
For the coming of night and of joyful attainment of climax! 
Building through layers upon layers of delights, 
Layers upon layers of tingling sensations, building, not too quickly! 

The taste of your lips, the feel of your hands touching every part of me,
And my hands exploring every inch of you, 
Feeling every caress, every tangle of flesh against flesh, 
Every nibble, each nip, every slap, every pull on my hair. 
Every tingle, each scent, each taste, every touch, every tease, and more,
let me taste you, let you taste me

Play with me, tease me, then to feel you inside me, 
To feel you pounding me faster and faster, harder and harder, 
Deeper and deeper, reaching that deeper fire, 
Reaching that climax so hard we both want to fall back and sleep
But knowing that sleep is long from now

And building up, not too quickly 
To reach the inevitable height of the storm, 
Not to quickly to reach the height of passion, 
Not too quickly to end the pleasure, 
But to prolong it and keep it going on and on! 
Reaching that deeper fire, filling you, filling me, 
Filling us with such ecstasy that we want only to be in this moment, 
No other, make time stop here,
In this moment, feel the passions we build together, 
Feel the energy we release as we build higher and higher, 
Deeper and deeper to that deeper fire!

Reaching that climax so hard we both want to fall back and sleep. 
Dream of the wind blowing coolly, 
Soothing our spent passion, 
Washing over us, sleep, cool rain, dreams

Neena Plant