When a painting is commissioned there is a meeting of minds. The completed execution of that vision may what either party envisioned when first discussed, but with human nature there may be expectations that are unspoken, or someone may simply not like the resulting piece of work created. There’s nothing wrong with that, as art is a subjective concern. As an artist whose work is being offered, I respect your opinion, and ask that you as a patron please respect the following:

Once we’ve met and agreed on what you’d like depicted, a non-refundable deposit of $75 or 15% of the agreed on commission price, whichever is less, will be collected at the end of the initial meeting to secure my time and materials.

All copyright remains with the artist unless specific usage rights are purchased. However, if the commission is for commercial use or for reproduction, the artist retains the right to use the resulting image and any preliminary works as portfolio pieces, including website and social media usage unless those rights are also purchased.

When the final work has been completed, the client retains the right of first refusal, in that if the work is not suitable or is determined to be substantially different than agreed and is not to the liking of the client, ownership shall remain with the artist who is free to endeavor to find an alternate buyer.

Any preliminary photographs taken by the artist, and preliminary sketches may be purchased separately from the final work at an agreed on purchase price.

If you as the client wish to display the completed work on social media, listing creative credit to the artist is part of this agreement, and links to my website and/or tags are appreciated.